Provision of the Create Your Own Bespoke Journal Course

Please read the following carefully. It explains what you can expect from your purchase (Create Your Own Bespoke Journal Course), and which is the framework for our agreement together.

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These Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy and Agreement relate to Just…Ltd Limited of which My Awesome Life and The Art and Soul of Journaling® are trade names of Nikie Piper trading as ‘Just…Ltd Limited’.

The following forms the basis of our agreement and our work together.



  • You agree and confirm that you are eligible to enter a contract and are at least 18 years old.
  • You will be sent an email/s containing
    • Your invoice/receipt and agreed payment details
    • Facebook group access details
    • Zoom details for the weekly calls
  • The course is expected to take place over a period of 8 weeks. However, this is a creational program and timings may not be exact e.g., we could run longer.
  • You order your own proof copy directly from the publishing platform at your cost price. Full details on how to do this will be shared with you.
  • I will support you through the creation process and also in creating your client publishing account on the Print on Demand platform that I use.


Please read through the following, if there is anything that you are unsure of, please do let me know. Our agreement is designed to work for both of us, so please let me know if there is anything that you would like to discuss.

The provision of your bespoke journal creation course is dependent on the following, upon which we both agree to provide:



  • You will provide the written material and content required. You warrant that all written information contained within your journal is yours to use and that you have rights to any reprinted material.
  • You agree that all written content is your own or that you have permission to reuse/reprint/reproduce it within your own bespoke journal creation.
  • You will provide all images (or in conjunction with a designer) and warrant that they are original to which you own the copyright and/or the right to use commercially OR that you hold a license to use commercially for any images or materials that you will be using in the creation of your journal.
  • You will not hold me, Nikie Piper or my Companies, responsible for your breach of Copyright, Intellectual Property, Trademark or license.
  • If you are using any quotes, please make sure that you attribute the correct owner of the quote, do your research and seek permission to use. Alternatively create your own quotes and use those. 
  • The editorial/text copy accuracy is your responsibility.
  • You are responsible for ordering (and paying for) your own proof copy, which will be delivered directly to you.


  • To be as flexible as I can be to support you in your journal creation
  • To work with you on bringing your bespoke journal to life.
  • I will help and support you with design ideas, usability and layout to create a quality, useful and useable tool for you.
  • In so far as I can, I will support you with using the tools for creation, such as Microsoft Word, Canva etc. There are some training videos available.
  • Provide weekly zoom calls plus support through the group Facebook group.
  • If necessary, I will provide a shared collaboration space within Microsoft OneDrive / GoogleDrive and share the link with you.
  • To support you in creating your own client account on the publishing platform and I will guide you through setting it up and getting your journal ‘live’.



This is payable via my payment providers, Stripe, PayPal or bank transfer. I offer full payment or payment options.



Order confirmation and Payment is considered acceptance of these terms and conditions that will form the basis of our work together. If you do not agree or want to accept these please contact Nikie.



This agreement is subject to the laws of The United Kingdom. If there is a dispute between you and Just…Ltd Limited that results in litigation, then you must submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of The United Kingdom.


If you have any questions about, please contact me at






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