My Own Kind of Awesome – Inspirational Notebook


A beautiful colour spiral bound, lined and numbered notebook in 7 x 10 size (Executive), with self-coloured pages and subtle lines and inspirational messages on the bottom of each page.
Another gorgeous creation! A beautiful spiral bound notebook in colour. Pages are numbered on one side and have an inspirational thought/reminder on the other. Echoed throughout with the cover design, to give you inspiration and time to dream. Get writing in this beautiful book and join the journaling revolution.


My Own Kind of Awesome: Inspirational Notebook

  • Are you looking for a beautiful space to journal or keep notes?
  • Do you want inspirational messages on the bottom of each page?
  • Need an index page in case you lose those important notes in the other pages?
  • Would you love a journal that’s a pleasure to use?

If you said yes to the above, then this beautiful journal is going to be a great gift for yourself, or for anyone you know who loves beautiful stationery and journals.

This beautiful colour journal is lined throughout and has colour washed internal pages reflecting the cover design.

Pages are numbered and have an inspirational note or affirmation at the base of each page.

A simply lined journal with 200 pages that’s perfect for daily journaling, a place to jot down notes, create lists, write out thoughts, brainstorm or to use to plan and get organised.

This notebook gives you plenty of space to create the life of your dreams, wherever that will take you. Create your dream life, dream big and then dream bigger, because if you don’t know what that looks like, then how can the universe give it to you?

There’s plenty of space to let your thoughts flow. Use for something specific, for general thoughts or as a notepad, however you use it you’re sure to feel special filling the pages with your dreams and ideas. Happy journaling.

What’s included in the My Own Kind of Awesome: Inspirational Notebook

  • 7 x 10 inches in size, it’s perfect to take with you anywhere
  • A simply and beautiful matt cover
  • Designed for you to journal to your hearts content
  • 204 colour pages
  • A full colour journal notebook, including:
    • Plenty of space to write
    • A page for you to use as an index for those all-important notes that you wish to remember
    • Inspirational notes or affirmations on each page
    • Beautiful images

Who is the My Own Kind of Awesome: Inspirational Notebook for?

  • This journal is designed with women in mind who love beautiful stationery and who love to journal or use a notebook regularly.


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