Enchanted Moments Companion Journal


Using your “Enchanting Moments” companion journal (and journaling card deck if you have one) to create your soul magic is a wonderful way to dive deeper into self-reflection, tap into your intuition, and cultivate a meaningful connection with your inner self.

Take a journey through the Enchanted Moments Companion Journal, you’ll find glorious colour images of the cards (should you not have the card deck) along with beautiful quotes and extra prompts to help you get more out of your journaling practice.

Whilst this journal is designed to be used with the card deck, it can be used as a stand alone journa. These journaling prompts within are a tool, and you can adapt them to suit your needs.

Within the pages you have 44 ‘card’ pages each with a one word heading and a short one question sentence; it’s a wonderful way to spark creativity and self-expression in your journaling practice.

Whether it’s daily reflections, gratitude exercises, or creative writing, this journal offers an inspiring and creative tool to enrich your journaling journey.

Starting with a place for your first thoughts of each ‘card’ pulled you will find below that more prompts to help you go deeper. There’s plenty of space to let your pen flow on the freeflow pages and at the end of each ‘card’ is space for daily inspired action, intentions and reflections.

You’ll find a content page referencing each ‘card’ so you know where to find them, or just flip through and choose one at random.

There’s also space to record your ‘card’ for 30 days.

What’s even better is that these are so pretty, you’ll want to use them all the time!
Spiral bound in 7×10″ size – the perfect solution to journaling.


A companion journal designed to support your Enchanted Moments card deck can be a valuable tool to enhance your card reading experience.

Here are some points that can be highlighted about such a journal:

  1. Deepen Your Connection: The companion journal is crafted to deepen your connection with the Enchanted Moments card deck. It provides a dedicated space for you to explore and engage with what comes up for you from the cards.
  2. Personal Exploration: The journal encourages personal exploration by offering further prompts that invite you to delve deeper into your thoughts, emotions, and intuitive insights evoked by the cards. It becomes a safe and private space for self-reflection and self-discovery.
  3. Reflect and Record: With the journal, you have the opportunity to reflect on your card readings and record your interpretations, experiences, and any significant realisations that emerge. This allows you to track your growth, patterns, and progress over time.
  4. Customisation and Creativity: The companion journal supports customisation and creative expression. It includes sections for you to draw, sketch, or write down your own interpretations, symbols, or visual representations inspired by the cards. This personal touch enhances the uniqueness of your journey.
  5. Guidance and Insights: The journal can offer guidance and insights that complement the Enchanted Moments card deck. It may include explanations, suggested spreads, tips, or additional wisdom that can assist you in deepening your understanding of the cards and their messages.
  6. Organization and Reference: The companion journal provides organization and acts as a reference point for your card readings. It may include sections for different spreads, card meanings, or even a glossary of symbols, making it easy for you to navigate and refer back to specific insights or readings.
  7. Growth and Transformation: By using the companion journal alongside the Enchanted Moments card deck, you have a dedicated space to witness and document your personal growth and transformation. It becomes a treasured keepsake of your journey, filled with memories, breakthroughs, and a record of your spiritual evolution.

Remember, the companion journal is designed to support and amplify the magic of your Enchanted Moments card deck, allowing you to create a meaningful and transformative experience with each card reading. 😊


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