Supplier Love

Here’s why I use the Print on Demand supplier that I do

In a world where ‘green’ is very much a focus, I’m proud to be associated with this supplier.

Their publishing platform is built on a global print network, and they ship locally to (over 150) countries and territories worldwide.

What that means to you, is that wherever you order my journals from, there’s limited traveling for it to get to you, protecting our environment from unnecessary air miles and transport costs.

They have green credentials, meaning they use FSC certified, lead-free, acid-free, buffered paper made from wood-based pulp.

Not only that they’re more than just a publishing and print-on-demand company.

Putting their money where their mouth is, they live by the highest standards of social, environmental, and community good.

As part of their B Corp certification in 2016, they shifted their energy consumption to 100% renewable energy.

They offer paid days off for employees to volunteer outside their organisation 😊

They introduced in-office composting and gardening 😊

Values that mean everything to me, along with a pretty excellent customer service experience too (even if things don’t get you quite right, because let’s face it, mistakes happen)!

Plus they have been offering services for over 20 years (founded in Feb 2002), so well-established with great print quality to boot! It’s online print-on-demand, self-publishing, and distribution platform has currently issued approximately two million titles, so that speaks volumes in my book (no pun intended!)

Their global print network utilizes printers around the world, offering shipping to more than 150 countries!

Their network automatically identifies the printer best able to accommodate your needs, at the best price and fasted print/ship times.

Like other platforms they do softback, hardback and various formats (photo books, comics, magazines, yearbooks and calendars), different paper weight options and colour, different binding types and gloss or matte covers.

You can also choose to have global distribution options to make your creation available at places like Amazon / Barnes & Noble / Ingram and other retail sites (on and offline)

With all that though, and that in itself is pretty impressive, I have to say, my main reasons are:

No 1 – That they do spiral bound journals as PoD 😁

No 2 – They integrate with various different shopping carts, meaning I get to keep my customer details and provide a tailored service for my customers ✅ (think of selling directly from your own website with Woo commerce, Shopify, direct API integration) and add that into the green benefit = no brainer in my book 💕

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