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Choose from a gorgeous range of journals: add a card deck for inspiration and guidance, use my signature gratitude and daily journal, or find yourself a beautifully designed lined notebook… the choice is yours. Many available in spiral bound or paperback.

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Signature Range

30 Day Gratitude & Daily Journal

Spiral bound for ease of use

Same guided interior, different designs

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All 30-day gratitude and daily journals £29 + p&p

349 pages
6 lots of prompts per day
3 pages for conscious stream journaling
Daily intentions
Happiness scale
Weekly review sections
Track your progress
Daily Goals

Green Credentials:

Print-on-Demand | FSC Certied | Lead-Free & Acid Free Printing |

Reliable – Establised over 20 years.

Ships to over 150 countries.

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 Guided Journals & Workbooks

Dreams start in my Journal

A simple 5-step inspirational journal for capturing and manifesting your dreams

Do you dream about a different life?

Perhaps you dream of a different reality?

Do you have a million different dreams running through your head?

Would you love to note them down all in one place?

Would you love to turn them into reality?

If you said yes to the above, then this gorgeous guided and inspirational journal is a great way to bring those dreams to life. Dreams start in your journal is part of the art of changing your life.

A slightly larger notebook 7×10 inch



What If Journaling

A different way to journal

Do you get stuck knowing what to write when you journal?

What If you could find a different way to journal?

Do you want inspirational messages on the bottom of each page?

Would you love a journal that’s a pleasure to use with regular prompts?

This is a great way to journal especially if you are new to journaling, struggle to write from your heart, or with working out what you really want.

What if statements can create results, because it allows you step into a ‘fantasy’ of your dream life without feeling overwhelmed by the perception of commitment. It allows you to dream BIG, explore what you really want and get excited about life!

I am the Woman Who journal image
I am the Woman Who stack of journals

This is such a great way to journal (and still my favourite), especially if you are journaling to create results. Journaling to this effect and stepping into the frame of mind of ‘possible…’ not only creates a journaling practice that you will love to do, but it’s also super easy and gets results.

Soul Magic for Women: I am the Woman Who… Inspirational Notebook/Journal

  • Do you get stuck knowing what to write when you journal?
  • What If you could find a different way to journal?
  • Beautiful and inspirational images throughout and on the bottom of each page
  • Would you love a journal that’s a pleasure to use with regular prompts?

If you said yes to the above, then this beautiful journal is going to be a great gift for yourself, or for anyone you know who loves beautiful stationery and journals.

A different way to journal: A different way to step into and own your power.

STAR KEEPER – Release and Align

A reflection of dark and light

Star Keeper – Release and Align: A reflection of dark and light

Do you feel negatively about some words?

Would you like a way of releasing old thoughts, feelings and emotions?

A way of replacing old thoughts for new ones?

Would you love a magical journal that’s a pleasure to work through?

Meet STAR KEEPER. A journal that’s designed to help you release the old and bring in the new.

There are 23 different words throughout the journal and 23 different star keeper images.

The number 23 signifies new beginnings, revolution, and transformation. It represents change, progress, and innovation.

In terms of numerology, these number patterns hold a lot of positive energy and signify spiritual growth

Angel number 23 is a message from your angels encouraging you to believe in yourself and the quality of your natural abilities.

There’s plenty of space for notes and inspiration and beautiful images to inspire you,


What’s Included in the Star Keeper – Release and Align: A reflection of dark and light Journal?

258 pages of full colour

8 x 10 inches

Beautiful matt cover

Gorgeous images throughout

Plenty of space to journal

Intention setting space

Space for affirmations

Additional space to list out your own key words

Next steps pages



Created in 3 main sections with section one looking at your dreams, where you are now, releasing your past and reclaiming your desires. It contains 6 journaling steps to help you work out what you want.

Section two is all about daily journaling, with 30-days of guided prompts and space for freestyle writing.

Section three is all about reflection and looking at how you wish to move forward.

It gives plenty of space to dream, journal and think to your hearts content.
This is a big journal designed for you to write and work through. It is not really suitable to carry around in your handbag as it’s quite heavy!

US Letter Size


Loving Memories

A journal to grieve and remember

  • Have you ever lost a loved one?
  • Are you looking for a space to keep all your memories of your loved one in one place?
  • Do you want a space to work through your thoughts, feelings and emotions surrounding your loss?
  • Would you love a journal to remind you of the good times and all about them?

This journal is a place to grieve, but also a place to remember and keep a note of all the special times you had together. This guided grief journal can help you process your grief and find outlets to release and express your feelings and emotions. Use your experience in knowing your loved one to create a beautiful and unique place to save their memory.

Spiral £18

Paperback £15

Elegantly Lined Journal / Notebooks

My Own Kind of Awesome

A slightly larger notebook 7×10 inch

Gratitude and journaling – WOW, who knew?

Well, I certainly didn’t, until Nikie introduced me to it, in April 2020. I cannot thank her enough for showing me a way to completely change my life. It is something I’ve been doing every day since then – using Nikie’s journal format, which is easy to follow, and the questions and quotes really make me think – and the results have been amazing. I am so much happier and calmer, I drink less alcohol, am fitter and have lost weight’

Kate M

Bubbles Bathrooms

Journaling, I wouldn’t be without it now

‘I’ve learned a lot about journaling from working with Nikie. Journaling has had such an impact on me, it’s so much more than I thought at the beginning, and it’s now my go-to practice every day’

Amy D


Magic happens when you let it!

Nikie has taken me from no journaling and scared to journal, to writing every day, the impact is huge! “I used to journal when I was younger and when I met Nikie I hadn’t picked up a journal in years. Nikie has since encouraged and empowered me to start journaling again, but this time I’m getting so much more out of it – her insight and knowledge to get it working for me is incredible.”

Sarah R

Compliance Officer

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"We weave an emotional web around ourselves, filled with beliefs, thoughts, patterns, ancestral energy, societal and parental pressures and collective consciousness. 'Truths' and 'Expectations' from perceived peer pressure and the need to fit it.

Journaling is about getting to the route of your emotions, your desires and beliefs and finding a way to be present in your life. Your own Awesome Life, with your own kind of Awesome." With love Nikie

The Art and Soul of Journaling™ & My Awesome Life™ & Be Your Own Kind of Awesome™ & My Own Kind Awesome™ are trading names of Nikie Piper.
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