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Gratitude and journaling – WOW, who knew?

Well, I certainly didn’t, until Nikie introduced me to it, in April 2020. I cannot thank her enough for showing me a way to completely change my life. It is something I’ve been doing every day since then – using Nikie’s journal format, which is easy to follow, and the questions and quotes really make me think – and the results have been amazing. I am so much happier and calmer, I drink less alcohol, am fitter and have lost weight’

Kate M

Bubbles Bathrooms

Journaling, I wouldn’t be without it now

‘I’ve learned a lot about journaling from working with Nikie. Journaling has had such an impact on me, it’s so much more than I thought at the beginning, and it’s now my go-to practice every day’

Amy D


Magic happens when you let it!

Nikie has taken me from no journaling and scared to journal, to writing every day, the impact is huge! “I used to journal when I was younger and when I met Nikie I hadn’t picked up a journal in years. Nikie has since encouraged and empowered me to start journaling again, but this time I’m getting so much more out of it – her insight and knowledge to get it working for me is incredible.”

Sarah R

Compliance Officer

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"We weave an emotional web around ourselves, filled with beliefs, thoughts, patterns, ancestral energy, societal and parental pressures and collective consciousness. 'Truths' and 'Expectations' from perceived peer pressure and the need to fit it.

Journaling is about getting to the route of your emotions, your desires and beliefs and finding a way to be present in your life. Your own Awesome Life, with your own kind of Awesome." With love Nikie

The Art and Soul of Journaling® & My Awesome Life™ & Be Your Own Kind of Awesome™ & My Own Kind Awesome™ are trading names of Nikie Piper.
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