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Why Interactive?

Quite simply, to offer more support as this is where many people get stuck on the ‘what do I write?’ question.

So I’ve created a way of having a daily/weekly prompt, which you choose randomly from a selection of 30. Once you click on the symbol it takes you to the prompt. A simple system to to generate random prompts.

Select your theme – or perhaps have them all!

1) 30 journaling prompts, these are general prompts for when you’re searching for inspiration and want to write something. Some prompts will require more thought and writing than others.

2) 30 prompts for reflection, creation and releasing – ideal in the New Year or around any time or area of your life that you’d like to change.

These are one-time purchases available at £11 each



How do I access the prompts?

Once you paid you’ll be sent an email with full details on how to access your prompts. The prompts are website based so you can save the URL as a favourite and as a shortcut on your home-screen of your phone. 

Easy to use and instructions provided.

How long will I have access to the interactive prompts?

For as long as you need them. You have paid to access them, so they will be available via the link in the download material when you purchase. The password for access will also be in your documentation that is sent on purchase.

Do I have access to you?

No. Although you are welcome to the free Facebook group and ask questions in there. 

Alternatively you can join my monthly membership

Standard membership there’s weekly Q&A and check in calls. For VIP there’s a monthly 1:1 call or direct access via Voxer. I will be present in the group and available to answer questions

What courses do you run and do I have discount on all of them?

I run a variety of different courses and 1:1 programs. Discounts are only available through my monthly membership

As a member of my journaling membership you have access to discounts on everything I run. This does not include my journals unless offered with a course or program. The best way to keep up to date with what I offer is to join my mailing list.

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“We weave an emotional web around ourselves, filled with beliefs, thoughts, patterns, ancestral energy, societal and parental pressures and collective consciousness. ‘Truths’ and ‘Expectations’ from perceived peer pressure and the need to fit it.

Journaling is about getting to the route of your emotions, your desires and beliefs and finding a way to be present in your life. Your own Awesome Life, with your own kind of Awesome.” With love Nikie

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