About Me

About Nikie

Nikie Piper is the genius behind The Art and Soul of Journaling.

A lifetime of empowering beautiful human beings to leap in and activate their unique versions of an Awesome Life!

Nikie is an Accredited, Empowerment Coach and knows exactly how to support her clients to unlock their inner Genius! Highly creative and passionate about words, thoughts and vision, Nikie is a two times best-selling author, sharing her inspirational story.

Her vision is to empower entrepreneurs, therapists and coaches who are creating and accelerating their souls purpose, and in between creating a wonderful, awesome life, joyfully abundant and full of joy, passion and fun.

A unique blend of creation: her range of journals, inspiration cards, infused with her Joy of 1:1 and Group Coaching, Nikie brings her passion and expertise to you.

Nikie activates your highest frequency, consciousness, and allows you to freely make aligned choices that inspire your daily greatness from within.

The Art and Soul of Journaling has its own FB Community and YouTube Channel. Nikie runs regular group programmes, including supporting her clients to create their own journals, workbooks and card decks.

Whether you are brand NEW to journaling, have tried it before and found it a challenge to write daily, worried about the time to make a start, Nikie KNOWS EXACTLY how powerful introducing the art and soul of journaling into your daily ritual is.

Her work is infused with JOY for Coaching. Nikie is passionate about empowering women to paint a NEW reality for themselves, to leap into their truest expression & confidently fulfilling their highest potentiality. To enjoy conscious living, freedom, make a bigger impact, abundance, and start living their dream and souls destiny!

From free journaling tips and mini courses to the most divine journals…

From group journaling programmes to one-to-one mentoring…

From journaling it to creating it.

Or even creating your own bespoke and unique journals, workbooks and card decks.

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Why Choose Me

Because you want more

So much more than ‘just writing’ it’s about empowering your life, living your souls’ purpose, creating a wonderful, awesome life, joyfully abundant and aware of their supreme potentiality.

Designed for you

My vision is to create global  conscious leaders who are accelerating their souls purpose: a life by your design. Taking you from dream and desire to creation. Let me show you the way.

Getting Results

Whether you want to invest in your first journal, join a community or group programme. To feel supported, work 1:1 with me, or create your own unique  journal, it all begins with your free clarity call

Meet Me

I know you’re stuck, you know you’re stuck.

You’ve been searching for something to help with your problems for ages, but nothing seems to help.

Everything seems to be the same day after day and the same thoughts in your head go round and around and around again. You’re unhappy with your life and you don’t know what to do to change it – something needs to change to move you closer to your dreams, to get you ‘unstuck’.

You keep looking at courses and they seem too far out of your reach, or maybe you’ve done some and nothing has changed, or maybe you signed up and didn’t do them. There’s so much stuff out there, but you wonder if it’s really worth it.

Somewhere along the line, you’ve heard about journaling and you’ve thought to yourself I don’t know about that. I don’t know what to do with that, I wouldn’t even know how to start that. Or perhaps ‘ooh I tried that before and stopped’?

If that sounds like you, then gorgeous soul you are in the right place and I’m so looking forward to supporting you.

Nikie Piper

CEO, The Art and Soul of Journaling

Here’s the truth, journaling is probably the ONE thing that you can do that is essentially free, that can help you sort out all of these things that are going round around in your head. You might not realise it, but your words have power. Wherever you are on your journaling journey take a moment to ask yourself if you’re really stuck, and if this really worked wouldn’t I want to try it?

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Effortless Empowerment Coach

An Accredited, Empowerment Coach supporting clients to unlock their inner genius. Showing you how to activate your highest frequency, consciousness, and allowing you to freely make aligned choices that inspire your greatness, everyday!


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"We weave an emotional web around ourselves, filled with beliefs, thoughts, patterns, ancestral energy, societal and parental pressures and collective consciousness. 'Truths' and 'Expectations' from perceived peer pressure and the need to fit it.

Journaling is about getting to the route of your emotions, your desires and beliefs and finding a way to be present in your life. Your own Awesome Life, with your own kind of Awesome." With love Nikie

The Art and Soul of Journaling® & My Awesome Life™ & Be Your Own Kind of Awesome™ & My Own Kind Awesome™ are trading names of Nikie Piper.
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