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What if I told you there are some simple and effective tools that can help you start to understand yourself better, unravel old stories and release you from negative patterns and self-sabotage?


It’s not about “what do I write”

it’s about what you want to create!


It’s about calling in a new identity, shifting beliefs and letting go of everything that holds you back and doesn’t support you. It’s about releasing the old and calling in the new. ~ Nikie Piper

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Hi! I’m Nikie

An accredited Empowerment coach with a difference. Using one of the most powerful tools known to create change my mission is to empower you in the Art of journaling. To create exactly what your SOUL wants (Soul Journaling), to make your HEART sing every day and your EYES sparkle with excitement. To use the process of creating your own wonderful, awesome life to create the awareness and change needed and then to support you in getting it!


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It usually is the most simple things that are the most effective, and in my opinion, journaling is one of most powerful ones!

Journaling can be used as a tool for many things including addiction, trauma and creative or expressive writing: essentially as a tool to create change.

Journaling is a super powerful tool to help you create what you want in your life.

Now that sounds like a grand statement but hear me out! Journaling is all about what you want to create, whether that’s feeling better emotionally, working through past events or problems, bringing a better relationship into your life, moving up the career ladder, getting your dream job or starting a business. In fact it can be any number of other things or to put it another way – literally anything and everything.


At it’s deepest level, journaling is about finding a way forward if you’re stuck, it’s about working through your different feelings, thoughts and emotions to understand how you get the ones you want. It’s about getting clear, looking for a way forward, to change things if you want to. It’s about letting go of the old and calling in the new.

It’s about making a difference to you, for the benefit of you, and subsequently for everyone and everything around you.

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What my clients are saying

“Nikies creativity, expertise & passion for journaling was the golden elixir my soul had been searching for all my life. Activating NEW pathways within me, I feel a MILLION dollars, am truly Grateful & Blessed every day… and creating more IMPACT & ABUNDANCE.

Painting the world my heart desires, guided through my soul, this is the power of journaling.

Like a BOLT of lightning, she came from nowhere!!!

From too ‘busy’ to journal daily or ‘frustrated & giving up’ to JOURNAL QUEEN.”

Kelly Vikings – The Divine Business Leader/Mentor 

Create your own BESPOKE Journal Course

“It’s all your professional expertise and guidance. And I am so thankful to have you in my life. Not just for this (the course) but the journaling journey.”

Samantha Jones – Fertility Coach

Cover and Interior Journal Design

“I have had the most amazing experience with the creation of my very own journal! I could never have done it without the absolutely amazing Nikie Piper who has such great vision of your ideas and needs.

I gave her my idea of what I envisaged my finished journal to look like, it was like she saw it too, as when I was shown it I saw exactly what I had wanted.
Nothing was too much trouble and her advice was so welcome.
If anyone is thinking of creating their own journal then Nikie is definitely your lady.
Thankyou so much Nikie.”
Janet Thompson – Business Consultant

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Effortless Empowerment Coach

An Accredited, Empowerment Coach supporting clients to unlock their inner genius. Showing you how to activate your highest frequency, consciousness, and allowing you to freely make aligned choices that inspire your greatness, everyday!


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"We weave an emotional web around ourselves, filled with beliefs, thoughts, patterns, ancestral energy, societal and parental pressures and collective consciousness. 'Truths' and 'Expectations' from perceived peer pressure and the need to fit it.

Journaling is about getting to the route of your emotions, your desires and beliefs and finding a way to be present in your life. Your own Awesome Life, with your own kind of Awesome." With love Nikie

The Art and Soul of Journaling® & My Awesome Life™ & Be Your Own Kind of Awesome™ & My Own Kind Awesome™ are trading names of Nikie Piper.
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